Monday, April 29, 2013

Adventures in Potty Training, Day 1

Well folks, we did it! We took the plunge into the deep end of the cesspool that is potty training!

Thanks to the little miss, the day started at 4:15 this morning. Not quite as early as I had planned, but who needs sleep, am I right?! Oh yeah, I DO! Or I turn into the grouchy diva from the snickers commercials. #notamorningperson

Nevertheless, the show must go on. So around 7:00, we ate some breakfast and then pulled out a trash bag for step 1 of the 3 day potty training method. Bag in hand, we scoured the house for diapers, and one by one, threw them ALL away, including the nighttime diapers! Next, Jason and I changed what we hope to be, our last diapers (at least for Max & Emma). We let them throw away their dirty diapers and pick out a new pair of big girl/big boy underwear! Emma chose to start off with some fancy Dora panties and Max opted for some ever so popular spidy-roos. Lookin' so fly in their new intimate apparel!

Next on the agenda... telling them 30 million times a day to "let mommy know if you need to go pee pee or poo poo, ok?" Or "panty check, is Dora still dry? Is red Spiderman still dry? They are?! Yay! High fives! Pound it! Y'all are sooooo BIG!"

Oh, and we can't forget coloring our new posters. You've gotta have somewhere to put all those pee pee stickers! And of course, our new "grown up" water bottles, you know, cause we're big now!

complete with princess stickers
Chowin' down on some cheese (that's ideal for potty training, right?!)

So far so good I guess??? Max got distracted and had a pee pee accident but was able to finish in the potty, then he pooped his pants (which was to be expected). Emma had a very traumatic incident where she started peeing all over Dora while coloring her poster and was sooo upset that she "got Dora all wet" and was in tears about it. Poor thing. But that was her only uh-oh so far today. They went down for a nap... in their underwear... about 45 minutes ago. Here's hoping I don't end up eyeball deep in pee when they wake up!

Goin' pee pee like a big boy!
The little man got a little over zealous with the green marker while coloring his poster

Look at me mommy - "I go pee pee too!"

Bye Bye pee pee!
Hopefully we survive the next 2 and a half days and end up with 2 potty trained toddlers in the end!

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