Friday, April 3, 2015

Life Lately...

So sorry for the lack of updates lately! We have had a very busy month! Gosh, where to start??

Well... we bought a house! The whole thing was such a whirlwind, a beautiful, amazing, proof of God's provision, whirlwind! So 2 houses went on the market on the same day, in the same neighborhood (one we had looked at before and really liked), so we went and looked at both a few hours after they went on the market, and were prepared to make offers on both that evening. They were both AWESOME homes! One was about $30K more than the other, but both within our budget (sort of). With the exception of needing to close off the formal dining into Jason's office at some point (when we need the extra room for a nursery), it had EVERYTHING on our list: master down (if a 2 story) - check, 3 secondary bedrooms - check, open concept kitchen, dining, living - check, trees in the backyard, check, hardwoods downstairs - check, half bath - check, flat driveway - check, walking distance to school, check, walking distance to pool, check. AND even extras that weren't on our list like completely renovated kitchen that included the fridge - check, huge covered patio with built in grill - check, walking distance to a neighborhood park - check, amazing neighbors with kids - double check! So we put in an offer for over asking, because for reals, this house was priced too low and we really wanted it!, their realtor talked to our realtor and asked for our best and final and told us that we were one of 5 offers, so we went a little higher to what we felt comfortable with ($15K over asking), and BOOM, they picked us! Total God thing! A day or 2 later someone came in with a cash offer for more that what we were paying - whoa! Speaking of cash offers, we didn't end up making an offer on the other house b/c the same day it went active someone offered cash for it - where are all these ppl getting this cash?! Anyhoo, we went and looked at the house on like Feb 12th, put in our final offer on the 13th, and were approved later that day (I think). Yay! From there things went super fast! We closed on the 6th of March and moved in on the 20th! Crazy! So yeah, we've been busy packing, moving, and *still* unpacking!

Our lender gave us these cute little cards to mail out - how cool is that?!

We literally pinch ourselves everyday b/c we cannot believe we got this house! And the previous owners... so cool - nicest people ever! They were the original owners and now they have become friends! Praise God! He always provides! We are just so lucky that it was His will to provide us with this home! We love it so much!

Let's see, what else... oh, we were presented with another birthmom situation (also on February 13th), we thought it would be pretty cool to get a baby and a house on the same day, but we learned our lesson and did not get our hopes up AT ALL. Y'all, so much better this time around! I was not crushed, disappointed yes, but I did not spend the rest of the day crying and being sad when we got the email that the mom chose a different family. It was for a baby boy due... get this... March 20th. I could have gotten caught up in everything again feeling like it was fate, but I didn't do that, instead I gave it all to God and told Him to let it be His will. And it was. It just wasn't us. And that's ok.

Max is playing soccer again, he had his first practice this past Tuesday! And of course... there was no coach...again, so Jason kind of got nominated to coach...again! Luckily he's a good sport and I think actually really enjoys it ;) I think Max is pretty excited to have daddy coaching again too!

Apparently the girls on the team overulled the Sharks for the team name #godolphins

Emma started gymnastics today (Friday), and can we just take a minute to talk about the obscene amount of money gymnastics is?! I mean really?! They are 4 (and under) and they run on a trampoline and do front rolls on the ground, do we REALLY need to charge $70 a month for that?! Luckily, a friend told me about a hidden gem/gym (you like that play on words? hehe) that was only the bargain price of $40 a month (which I still think is ludicrous but whatevs), so today was her first day. She totally loved it and the coach was fantastic with the kids! Bad thing is, Max loved it too :/ Sorry little buddy, you picked soccer and there is NO WAY I am paying $80 a month for front rolls and trampoline jumping. Maybe next season.

Oh yeah, and lest not forget... this happened last night...

awesome. I was cutting some floral wire (finishing up a wreath for a sweet friend) and I guess my poor little knuckle was just in the wrong place at the wrong time :/ I knew right away that it wasn't good, I immediately applied pressure with my other hand and *really* didn't want to look again. Seriously thought about how long I could logistically hold my finger before needing to use my hand. It didn't bleed a whole lot and honestly didn't even hurt all that much (except the peroxide, that hurt like an SOB). Jason went and got me some steristrips and we bandaged it up as we discussed if it needed stitches or not. Naturally, I posted it to FB to gather medical advice from all of my friends (none of whom are doctors, or even nurses for that matter - #winning). The consensus was a) lather some snake oil on it (not really but I swear EOs just don't seem to work for my family, but don't worry I still buy them and attempt to keep in trend with everyone) and b) go to the doctor, that S needs stitches. Awesome. So Jason just detailed for me what will happen in the event I need stitches, and I just threw up in my mouth. Please God don't let them stick a needle in my open wound! I'm apparently a giant wuss. And yes, I did have a massive surgery 4 and half years ago, wherein they opened my abdomen, took out 2 humans, alot of blood, a uterus (with placenta attached) and who knows what else, and stapled me all back up, but this... I want no part of this! Remember scissor safety friends! That's my PSA for the day! My appointment is in a hour, we'll see how this all shakes out. Wish me luck!

I'll try to update more later, b/c there are other updates to be told! Happy Good Friday Y'all - Remember the one who gave it ALL for YOU!

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