Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My life lately... in pictures

So, ain't nobody got time to update the blog on the reg, so here's our life lately in pictures, enjoy :)

Max is actually part monkey - or a future Cirque de Solie (sp?) acrobat

Emma had a tea party at Princess Class

I painted a picture with friends at one of those drink wine and paint places

Brandi and I are quite the budding artists

current-ish BMI & Body Fat % - up about 2 points, whomp whomp!

Thank you Pinterest for these super cute Valentine's M & E gave to their classmates

we went on an adventure to the Waco Zoo

Played at the park and in trees

Blew dandelions - is that what they're called?

Love this pic :)

The little brother got engaged!

Made some zoodles (I'll do a whole other post on that)

Memi and Gabe went and ate at the house I grew up in - it's now a restaurant - weird!

Lea and her crew rolled into town over Spring Break

Jason and I got to see Jimmy Kimmel Live in Austin for SXSW!

Lady Gaga was the guest - meh - wish it would have been Willie or Snoop

Went with the Bodies' to Sea World

Lea and Olivia at the Shamu show

Made these signs as teacher gits for Lea's kids

Had a playdate at the Blue Baker and the kids got to make their own bread

made this wreath for a new friend

Yeah, I look awesome! Updated before pics - you know, cause I'm going to work out this time!

I never know what to do with my hands!

My genius and artistically skilled daughter colored this gem, unassisted, yeah, she even found the peach skin color - this girl amazes me daily!

Can't leave Max out - he can already read at 3! Ok, well nor really ;)

We have started to go into his room nightly to remove all the cars so he can actually sleep at night

That is, if he even makes it into his bed - what a weird-o!
Speaking of weird-o's, Max and Emma apparently LOVE eating frozen mixed veggies for breakfast

Speaking of Frozen, my kids (like every other kid in America) are OBSESSED with the movie, and ALL of the songs therein. Here they are belting it out at the Waco Zoo.

Went on a sewing retreat with my girls and made this for Emma to wear for Easter

I LOVE it!
I also made Emma a quilt (well, most of one anyway)

Max tried bubble gum for the first time - and subsequently got it ALL over himself

We attended a Good Friday Easter Egg Hunt at our friends house - they were listening to the story of Jesus's resurrection while the grown ups hid the eggs - Max even answered a question (correctly) about who Judas was - proud mommy moment :) I guess playing with the resurrection eggs are paying off! I'll make another post of all our Easter festivities.

Welp, that's about it. Not pictured is Max and Emma playing soccer with their team, the Rockets, coached by none other than daddy. They are maniacs on the field, seriously, can anyone say World Cup 2034! (or whenever that thing rolls around). My phone was full and wouldn't let me take any more pics or videos, but I plan to get some fo' sho' this Saturday! #soccermom Peace out Tuesday!


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