Friday, May 16, 2014

Say something I'm giving up on you...

A. Can't get it out of my head.
B. Total passive aggressiveness going on here (too chicken and don't like confrontation)

In other news, I pretty much suck at eating healthy lately. I may have eaten (with Jason's help of course), 12 break and bake chocolate chip cookies in the last 2 days. Seriously, why does EVERYTHING that is bad for you have to taste so damn good?! Annnnnnd then there was lunch at Chic-fil-a, lunch at Freddy's, and lunch at Sonic... in the last 3 days.... yeah, fall off the wagon much?

This is such a random post, my brain is a mess right now, soooo many thoughts, and soooo many of them about babies. Did I mention that it seems that everyone I know is pregnant or recently had a baby? While I am sooooo happy for them, my heart is also very heavy, and some days it is harder and harder for me to remind myself of God's grace and prefect timing.

Meanwhile, I will just continue to day dream about being here

with a delicious pina colada in my hands, reading The Fault in our Stars, as I listen to the waves crash along the shore. And of course I look awesome in my brand new bikini, because in this perfect world, eating cookie dough actually makes you skinny! 

Cheers to a great weekend for you all!


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