Wednesday, September 11, 2013

I Answer The Burning Questions...

Sooo, I'm a "linkup" virgin. Not sure why, but I decided to dip my virgin toe into the water today and am linking up with Jake & Holly for a fun round of Finish the sentence...




My happy place... curled up with the hubs with a glass of vino watching Game of Thrones after the kids have gone to bed... ahh I'd like to be there right now! 

Whatever happened to... Fraggle Rock! For real, I was totes looking for it yesterday to show my kids and couldn't find it on Netflix :(
So what if I.... Bought a BAG of powdered donuts yesterday at the store, ate half of them while pumping gas and hid the rest in my glove box so the hubs wouldn't know!
E! needs a reality show about... teachers, although, as a former teacher, I'm fairly sure those teachers would prob be fired and parents would immediately begin home schooling! Haha! Just kidding... kinda... 
My go-to fast food meal is... Chic-fil-a #1, on a wheat bun, no pickle, and a Dr. Pepper! 
You might not know that I... went to Sea World Camp when I was 16 and got to kiss a Beluga whale... or rather the whale kissed me. I totes wanted to be a whale trainer!
The hottest quarterback in the NFL is... Easy...Tom Brady!
If I could.... have a million dollars to pay off debt, buy a new house, send my kids to school, AND buy a new wardrobe, that would be grrrrrreat!
My personality is awesome because... I like to eat, I like to laugh, I like to tell over animated stories with my hands (especially after I've had a few), I'm also pretty gullible, so that usually leads to some pretty entertaining moments! 
Twerking is.... Something I am incapable of doing, and I'm pretty sure there is one of those side by side comparisons of "what I think I look like twerking" vs "what I really look like twerking" out there that would sum up my whole experience with that!
I think it's super gross when... people chew with their mouth open - yuck!
Someone needs to tell Miley Cyrus.... to do some squats girlfriend! She be suffering from some noassital syndrome!

Bam! I did it! Virgin no more :)

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