Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I'm breaking up with Shaun T...

But we can still be friends. See, I have decided that I would like to spend my 2 hours of "me" time everyday (the kids' nap time) doing something other than sweating my ass off in my living room.

So instead, I am going for mother of the year, and using my 2 hours of allotted child care time at the Y and am going to hit it hard gym rat style. So the question is, do I bring my gallon jug of water with me so I look more hardcore??

So I was out of town this past weekend and did not exercise AT ALL on Sunday or Monday, nor did I eat well :/ but I did do really well all week with eating and met all my workout goals - so holla! I got that goin' for me. I woke up on Monday at the hotel after a glorious night of uninterrupted sleep, and getting to sleep in, I was feelin' good, and maybe that transferred to my brain or something, b/c for some reason I was feeling skinny and decided to take a pic - wish I could feel that way about myself all the time.

So, I sent it to my hubs with another little somethin' somethin', and let's just say, I made his day and he was very happy to see me when I got home. Ladies, don't forget the art of flirting with your man ;) makes you feel young again!

Anyhoo... my mom and I went with some of her girlfriends on a quick girls trip to a casino in Louisiana.
We all had a good time, and I came home with about $35 more than I had when we got there, so can't complain about that! Hey, that's like half a race entry! How sad is it that this is what my life has come too!? Old Candice would have said, "sweet! New shoes." Or. College Candice... "sweet! That's half a keg!" (of the good stuff)

In other news, I have made an appointment with a new doctor to discuss my thyroid issues (Hashimoto's Thyroiditis), and I go in next Tuesday, so I'm pretty pumped about that! This guy is actually a Chiropractic Neurologist, who specializes in treating patients with thyroid disorders. It's really quite interesting... he takes an approach that most mainstream physicians do not, which is to treat and focus on the autoimmune disorder and the why as opposed to just treating the hypothyroidism with synthetic hormones (which is actually just a symptom of the autoimmune disorder). I am fully on board with the idea and philosophy that much of what ales us can be remedied through proper nutrition/diet and exercise. That's not to say that there is no room for modern medicine in my life, because there is, I would just rather take a more natural approach to things. I know that my thyroid symptoms are what drag me down so often, making me feel tired, making me gain weight, lose sleep (insomnia), and literally makes my hair fall out. Ugh, it's so frustrating! So yeah, can't wait to hear what he has to say.

But in the mean time, here is this week's workout goals:

Workout Goals:

nada - on vacay

Interval Speed Training on Treadmill - Ran 5 min at a 6 to warm up, then 1/4 mile at a 9, walked 2 min and repeat until I get to 3 miles completed (I lost count, maybe 6 times??)
Back/Shoulders - 2 exercises per body part, 4 sets (12, 10, 8, 6) and then s superset of 12 reps for both exercise, switch to 2 different exercises and repeat.

Insanity (see I told you we could still be friends)
Run hills (3ish miles outside)

Bicep/Tricep - same routine as above
JM 6 week 6 pack
*leaving to go out of town this afternoon

Go swimming

6 miles

*drive back home

I hope you all have a great week!



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