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War on Sugar???

So, I've mentioned before about how I have "Met B" and follow the guidelines outlined in Diane Kress's book, The Metabolism Miracle. This is was really worked for me after finding out I had post partum hypothyroidism. It has almost been a year since I started it and I have kept all the weight off (about 28 pounds) and continue to lose fat and gain muscle and have had NO problem changing my eating habits (of course I cheat now and then, but on the reg, I watch my carb intake). It has been a life saver for me! I always seem to get tongue tied and confused with scientific words when trying to explain the science behind it, but this article that Diane posted today really helps explain why nothing has worked for you before (that is, if you have weight issues). Very interesting stuff, I just wish more people knew about it.

Here's a link to the article below.

SUGAR WARS??? Not Quite……

sugar wars

Sugar Wars….Yes, we need to fight the war on obesity, but we must target the right enemy to win the battle!
Two more half baked articles regarding the toxicity of “sugar”. Sugar is being singled out as a root cause of health woes. The first article does highlight the wishy -washy stance of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the AMA and ADA regarding the obesity and diabetes epidemics. Over 100 million Americans have pre diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Most are overweight or obese. (The Web MD article singles out sugar…when reading it, substitute carbohydrate for the word sugar and it would be much more accurate! ) It’s not enough to point out that sugar leads to overweight and weight related medical conditions as sugar is only the tip of the iceberg. We need to tell the whole story and finally get this right…people’s lives are at stake.
Sugar is a carbohydrate. Fructose is a type of sugar and a carbohydrate. Bread, grains, legumes, potatoes, corn, beets, fruit, juice, milk, yogurt, pasta, crackers, cereal, cookies, sweets are also carbohydrates.
Sugar is just one of many carbohydrate foods. Just one. Stop focusing on a needle in the haystack of dietary intake!
Over 60% of the US population has the genetic predisposition to insulin imbalance. Excess insulin causes excess fat growth…both on the body and in the blood (cholesterol and triglycerides). Excess insulin and insulin resistance is the basis for type 2 diabetes and obesity.
The obesity and diabetes epidemics are NOT due to excess calories and fat grams! The obesity and diabetes epidemics ARE DUE TO excess carbohydrate intake.
The diet propaganda all began when the USDA developed the Food Pyramid that focused on increased intake of carbs: starch, fruit, low fat dairy…and recommended decreases in the intake of protein and fat.
The promotion of the Food Pyramid corresponded with the birth of the low calorie, low fat, low cholesterol diet both of which preceded the advent of the obesity and diabetes epidemic. High insulin from carbohydrates is the root of: obesity, pre diabetes, type 2 diabetes, gestational diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, Alzheimer’s disease, PCOS, infertility issues, sleep apnea, GERD, breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, skin cancer, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance.
Do you realize how many medications have been developed since the 1960′s to “treat” all these diseases and medical conditions caused by insulin imbalance???
It’s true…the low calorie, low fat diet is a high carb diet and systematically triggers insulin over-release and illness.
The newer My Plate campaign? Same old. Take a close look at the plate. It is over 50% carbohydrate foods! This is the pyramid in another format. And My Plate will not help one bit with the obesity, diabetes epidemics just as the pyramid did not.
68% of the population has issues with insulin. It’s progressive. Some are further down the tracks than others. But all need a “rest and rehab” for their overworking carb metabolism. What works? An 8 week rest from overt carbohydrate overdosing. Then, 8+ weeks of a gradual reintroduction of low glycemic index carbs (low impact) in a certain quantity, strategically spread over the course of the day. This brings the insulin producing pancreas and sugar releasing liver back to work in a gentle manner. Once desired weight is reached and lab work has improved, a lifetime of a balanced diet. BALANCE is everything. Equal parts healthy carb, lean protein, healthy fat, liberal vegetables.
Read more about it at Knowledge is power. Once you know what the whole problem is, it’s much easier to treat and win the war!
I am a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator with over 30 years experience specializing in weight, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. I was named to Today’s Dietitian’s 2013 Top 10 RD’s Making a Difference for my work with the diet/lifestyle program that does work to end overweight and weight related illness. And I am not afraid to speak the truth:
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