Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Shop 'Til You Drop & Help a Sista' Out!

That's right peeps!
Who doesn't LOVE shopping from the comfort of your own home, lounging on the sofa in your yoga pants, perusing the latest Stella and Dot catalog, discovering the amazing power of essential oils, searching for the mythical secret to shedding those pesky Holiday pounds, viewing testimony after testimony from those who have done the Advocare cleanse. No? Just me?

Or maybe you are like many I know that have an uncontrollable urge to monogram everything they own? Perhaps you didn't even know how much you really DO need a utility tote from Thirty-One with your family's last name sewn onto it! Well ladies (and gents), fear not, for you are in luck! For the entire month of January you can shop until you drop at these and several other vendors for whatever your heart desires (or whatever you didn't get for Christmas)!

And the best part? All these amazingly selfless vendors are opening their hearts and their wallets just to help our little family raise money for our adoption!

These amazing individuals are very generously offering the proceeds of their January sales for our cause! They are available to answer any of your questions and all of their personal links are below for you to purchase their wares. I cannot tell you how much we appreciate your kindness and support! This event will be open the entire month of January, so take a look, share with EVERYONE YOU KNOW and shop on!

Where do I even start? doTerra essential oils have been just that for our family... ESSENTIAL! I cannot sing the praises of essential oils enough and what they have meant for my family, and I haven't even scratched the surface of their potential! This is based on a few years of experience with only 2-3 oils! Can you even begin to image the possibilities of how EVEN MORE of them can help my family?! I am so super pumped that my friend Jenn became a rep for doTerra and even more pumped to actually get my oils and diffuser in this week!!! Make this the year you ditch the pharmaceutical companies and take charge of you and your families health in a more natural way - the way it was intended! I could seriously go one for days about the benefits of these oils and my own testimonies of how it has worked! Just try it, and I promise you WILL NOT be disappointed in your results! You can check out Jenn's Facebook page Texas Oil Mama, where she posts tips, tricks, and oil combinations that are awesome! Totes can't wait to use some PastTense and some Lavender for my kiddos! Hello Sleep, it's been a while! #crunchymamasrock

What woman doesn't love to feel beautiful and confident while not breaking the bank?!  You must check out Lia Sophia! I had actually not heard of this company until I noticed a beautiful bracelet my mom was sporting one day. My MOM y'all, talk about being out of the loop - she was ahead me on this one! If you're a fan of Silpada and/or Stella & Dot, then you will LOVE all the amazing pieces offered by Lia Sophia! Whether its a fashion show, a wine gathering or a girls night out, my girl Crystal can hook you up! Did I mention the unmatchable lifetime replacement guarantee?! Hello! Who does that?! Lia Sophia does! I have ear marked at least 15 pieces that I am coveting!
I love gooooold
And just for you awesome people, Crystal is having a special sale! Once on website, click Browse Our Jewelry, then type in "Baby Miksovsky" as the hostess. The sale is buy 1 @ regular and get 2 @ 50% OFF BUT I will sweeten the deal and give them BUY 1 @ regular and they can get 4 @ 50% OFF and a FREE gift on me! What?! Are you serious Clark? That is AWESOME! Plus the privilege of shopping from my "personal" clearance items as low as $10. All jewelry comes with our Lifetime Replacement Guarantee. They can also contact me via my website to place their order. 100% of my commission will go into this fundraiser! Bonus...anyone books a party, I will also donate a portion of my paycheck for the cause! This chick is aaaaaahhhhhhh-maze-ing!!!!!
Meet Regan, my friend and fellow mom of multiples (identical girls) was recently turned onto the amazing products offered by Advocare and after seeing the results for herself first hand, decided to become a rep for the company and would love to tell you all about what their awesome line of products can do for YOU! I've done the 10 day cleanse, and lost pounds and inches y'all! And totally recommend it for ANYONE looking to jump start their clean eating and weight loss! What better time than now to make good on those New Year's resolutions! Looking to ditch the coffee in 2014, but don't know how you'll possibly manage it while still keeping those around you alive?! One word friends... Spark! Please contact Regan to get started today, she's got spark y'all! Here is the direct link to her site: ShesGotSpark

So yeah, I pretty much want this whole ensamble and I want to wear it NOW! LOVE the necklace, earrings bangle and bling bling ring!

and these earings?!
Love, love love!

Every Woman. Every Stage. Every Style. That's the motto for Premiere Designs Jewelry, and it's soooo true! I dare you to find a piece of jewelry here that you don't absolutely LOVE!  Premier Designs offers fabulous bling at great prices! Check out their catalog online at
Access code: WOW
Message or call her at 281-686-6520 for ordering

If you order in the month of January through Jody, 45% of your purchase goes to our adoption fund!  Get decked out in bling and help us give a forever family to a sweet little one, I call that a WIN-WIN!

Seriously, who doesn't LOVE Scentsy?! I have one in almost every room of my house! They have a scent for every season, holiday, mood... there is literally something for everybody! My girl Katie can get you hooked up on all your Scentsy needs! And what's even more exciting is that they are running a promotion right now if you have ever considered selling it yourself. Maybe you'd like to earn a little extra chedda' on the side? Now's your chance!
Joining Scentsy can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make! As a Scentsy Fragrance Consultant, you’ll have the chance to earn extra income while enjoying flexible hours and the satisfaction of connecting people with products you believe in.
Scentsy's Join in January program makes this decision even easier. When you join in January, you’ll also enjoy free shipping on your Starter Kit and have the opportunity to earn Scentsy Fragrance products — valued at $300 — for free! Just ask Katie how you can Join in January! OR if you like me and you just want to buy the awesome aromas, you can do so here! My favorite is Camu Camu - what's yours? Be sure to check out their Scent of the Month... Forever Yours and get it 10% off - woohoo! Here is her direct link:

You've switch your eggs to pastured, beef to grass-fed, produce to organic, but what about the products you put ON your body?? Are you looking for a safe, organic and herbal based skin care line, that actually works just as well as the chemical laden expensive stuff?? Well fear not, Arbonne has got you covered! Arbonne's product line has since grown to include both inner and outer health and beauty products that are unparalleled in quality, safety, value, benefits and results! For more information on how to get your hands on these products, please contact Joanna Chagra Krancher at or 713-591-1162 to place your order.

Bring your family together with Velata kitchen products. Serve up memories with their gourmet raclette grill, and chocolate and cheese fondue pots! Come on, who doesn't LOVE fondue?! Don't spend all that money at the Melting Pot when you can have it any time in the comfort of your own home! Contact Katie today so that you can start serving up memories!

Can I just say, I heart Thirty-One! And their new line, ugh, swoon worthy! Thirty-One has 21 new items in the Spring catalog and 13 new prints! Be one of the first to get your hands on them. They also have a great customer special this month, too!  Spend $35 and get your choice of one of our 8 new styles! Pinterest is a dangerous place, but my goodness they have a million and thirty one awesome ideas Check out Jennifer's Pinterest board, um yes please! Spring cleaning anyone?! Spring sports? Spring Break trips? Seriously, Thirty-one can handle it ALL and my girl Jennifer can tell you how you can get some!

We've all seen the commercials and heard of Proactiv, but have your heard of it's cooler, more sophisticated and smarter older sister, Rodan+Fields?! This company is taking over the skincare industry and proving that they deserve their place at the top with their proven and amazing skin care line! If you haven't heard of them or seen their amazing transformations, now is your chance! Rodan + Fields just announced new 2014 product specials. If you want to see some real-life results, check out this link for some stunning before and afters. If you don't know much about this new line, these are products made by the same doctors that created the billion-dollar acne line, Proactiv, and now they have committed to helping everyone else improve their skin, be it wrinkles, sun damage, adult acne or sensitive skin like rosacea or psoriasis. We have a 60-day money back guarantee, so it's worth a shot to try it! No risk!
Email my girl Nicole at or call 512.785.3111 and together y'all can figure out what's right for you!

Commelina Boutique - Fort Worth, Texas

Holla if you love new clothes! HOLLA! In my attempt to avoid mom jeans and living in yoga pants, and the mall with my kids! I have discovered the beauty that is shopping on-line for awesome, trendy, and affordable women's boutique clothing! Sa-weet! Whose got two thumbs and just ordered herself a new pair (or perhaps more than that, don't tell the hubs) fleece lined leggings!
Photo: FLEECE LINED LEGGINGS: Did we say six? During inspection a certain color had spots on almost every pair. Hope you can settle with five! Mocha-4, hot pink-5, dark brown-5, red-5, black-SOLD OUT. Only $10+tax with FREE SHIPPING! To purchase comment: color and email address. Also, OOA (out of area), if shipping outside of Texas - you will be tax exempt.
This girl! If you have to get out of your yoga pants, THIS is an awesome transition! And a $10 a piece with free shipping, you just can't beat the price! And the Dolman top, so flattering on anyone!
Get yours today at Commelina Boutique!

And of course, you'll need some bling to go with your new duds! I just love how colorful the pieces are at Stella & Dot! Like these gorgeous green earrings... swoon!

and LOVE the initial necklace - like LOVE LOVE! Like I must have it!
would also like to be able to add an initial to it if you know what I'm sayin!

Stella & Dot is a company that needs no introduction, they have proven themselves year after year as a jewelry company adored by celebs & seen in magazines. They have remained chic yet affordable! And did I mention that Allison is going to donate 100% of the profits from all jewelry sold through this trunk show for the month of January! Did I mention that I don't even know Allison?! Just think, every time you look at the piece of jewelry that you purchase from Allison you can know that you have made a HUGE impact in helping our family adopt a child! Talk about jewelry that makes you feel good about yourself! Seriously, LOVE all of Stella & Dots jewelry, your really can't go wrong!

So that's pretty much it! I cannot even put into words so honored I am to have ALL of these amazing women come together all to help our family. Most of these women I have never met. Talk about stepping out in faith and helping others! No matter what comes of this, I am and will always be humbled by this entire experience and it only pushes me to be more giving of my own time, talents, and finances! Like Dave Ramsey says, we have to live like no one else so that one day (and that one day is coming soon!) we can live and give like no one else! May the Lord bless all these women! Happy shopping y'all!

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