Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The 18 miler that uh...wasn't :(

Yup. Ventured out for my scheduled 18 miler over the weekend. Which would have been the longest distance I have ever run. But yeah... it didn't happen. womp womp. The first 4 miles flew by, and I had to try hard to keep my pace at around 11 min miles so as not to burn myself out, but somewhere around mile 10, everything started to hurt and I began to lose faith in whether or not I could pull this 18 mile run off. I'm pretty sure the fact that around mile marker 10 I was also dangerously close to my house and had to make the mental decision to go the distance, or wuss out. Yeah. I wussed out. Ironically, when I stopped my watch as I entered my driveway, it was at 13.1 - weird. So yeah, I ran 13.1 miles, which to the average person is huge, but when you set out to run 18, ehh, not so much.
Sure hope I can get the 26.2 sticker instead of this one!

I'm not sure how much of me was "listening to my body" or just psyching myself out. Regardless, it WILL happen after my half. January 25th, I hope you're listening, cause I AM going to make you my bitch! (OK , I know I'm a Christian and shouldn't talk like that, but I've gotta pump myself up, plus, Hi, my name is Candice, and I'm not perfect, but I still love Jesus, so there.)

I came across this verse this morning while I laid in bed reading a devotional (it was actually from Sunday - which I supposed I should have read that morning, and perhaps I would have actually ran the 18 miles, but I digress):

Ah to run and not grow weary... so many life applications there. This may be my new favorite verse. Tattoo worthy? We'll see :) I'll just let that soak in a minute....


Mkay, moving right along. If one more person asks me how the adoption is going, I think I may scream, and maybe cut somebody (awesome verbiage brought to you by the ever funny Gayla). And that somebody might be our adoption coordinator. I'm not sure how much of this is me being impatient and type A, but it sure seems like this guy has sub par communication skills. Like for real. Everything is still hinging on whether or not we get into this February adoption training class, if we do, then we can schedule our homestudy, and once approved can "officially" be waiting, aka paper pregnant. But, the only way to get into the February class is to wait for placements between now and then. For every placement made between now and the class, a spot will open up. If we don't get in, we have to wait until August :( Which also means we can't do our homestudy until September, wait for it to be approved, and then wait (usually 9-18 months), so basically Max and Emma will be in college before we can give them a sibling! Dramatic much?? It just makes me sad. I wish someone would just drop a baby off on our front porch. On the other side of the coin, we've got surrogacy. Not much going on there at the moment either. A friend of a friend did express interest in possibly carrying our baby, but alas it was not in the cards :( It did give me hope though that there are amazing people out there willing to offer such sacrificial love to complete strangers, how cool is that?!
So yeah, still looking for a womb and/or a baby - any leads?? I kid. But no really, if you hear something say something :) Pretty sure this was not the context they had in mind when coming up with that phrase, but whatever works, right?!

Things I am grateful for right now (cause I feel I need to balance this post out)... I LOVE our new house, and we are almost completely unpacked! PTL The kids are back in school = mama gets a break! Holla! I have amazing friends & family!

Anyone in the market for some Scentsy? Advocare? doTerra Essential Oils? Arbonne? Velata? Thirty-one? Rodan+Fields? Cute women's boutique clothing? Stella & Dot? Premiere Designs jewelry? Lia Sophia jewelry?  AND help us bring home baby in the process? Stay tuned and I'll tell you how! I am about to make a new post now and you don't want to miss it!!!

Happy Tuesday all!


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