Friday, March 15, 2013

A work in progress...

originally written 8/29/12

Soooo, I have officially completed Step 1 of MM and the 30 er 35 day Shred (I may have skipped a day here and there, what can I say, I'm not perfect!). Here are my before stats and pics:

Start of MM - June 25
 weight - 148 (didn't take measurements)

Start of 30 Day Shred - July 24
weight - 144
arm - 11 1/2"
pouch (under belly button baby pouch) - 37"
booty - 40"
leg - 23 1/2"
boobs - 38 1/2"
under boobs - 31 1/2"

*all measurements were taken on the left side and at the fattest widest part.

End of Step 1 and 30 Day Shred - Aug 27 (although I am continuing with Step 1 through Sept. 5)
weight - 132.5
arm - 11"
pouch - 34 1/2"
booty - 38"
leg - 22 1/2"
boobs - 38"
under boobs - 29 1/2"

That's a total loss of 11 1/2 lbs. and 8 1/2"! I'll take it!

As I mentioned above, I plan on staying on Step 1 of MM until Sept 5th, because I know I slipped up here and there over the course of Step 1 and we will be leaving for Wimbo/San Marcos on Sept 6th and I have NO intention on being on any kind of diet while I'm down there - I envision delicious food from the Gristmill, mouth watering cheese enchiladas from Herberts, juicy hamburgers and fries from the Tap Room, stadium/tailgating food at the game, and of course we can't forget the beer, I'm sure I will have my fair share of that as well! So, when we return on Sept 10th, I will do a 10 day detox in Step 1 and start Step 2 fresh on Sept 20th (which I plan to be on indefinitely). Since I completed the shred, I am going to start the Ripped in 30 workout today (gotta love Jillian), so stay tuned for progress pics of that - I think I am going to take one weekly. Can't wait to see the 120s again - I'm so close!

You may also remember that I started the C25K a while back and am now running 3-4 miles on the regular about 4 days a week! I used to hate running outside - heck I hated running period, but now I love the way I feel after running - even if I still hate it for the first mile, every.single.time! But I did run a whoppin 4 1/2 miles last night - woot woot! I'm a work in progress. I have apparently inspired Jason to start workin on his fitness as well, and grrr I just hate men sometimes! He works out for a week and is already all firmed up - guys have it so easy! I want to run in my first 5K, but think I may wait until it gets a little cooler less hot outside. Then I think I may try and work my way up to 5 miles, then a 10K, and maybe even a half marathon in December- we'll see. If Mama Laughlin can do it, then so can I right?!

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