Friday, March 29, 2013

Flex Friday

Happy Good Friday Everyone! Hope you are all kickin' off this wonderful Easter weekend right.


Stair master sprints 10 minutes (turn that S up and go fast)
Tabata 20/10/4

bent over rows (10lb & 12.5lb)
dumbbell punches (10 lb)

lateral delts up and out (7.5lb & 10lb)
shoulder press (10lb & 12.5lb)

bicep curls on one leg (10lb & 12.5lb)
kick back triceps (7.5lb)

finished it off with some interval speed work on the treadmill
Run hard 1/4 mile (I ran at an 8)
Recover by jogging for 2 min (jogged between 5-6)
Repeat 6 times

It came out to about 3.5 miles and I slow jogged (5) another half mile to cool down for a total of 4 miles

After that I did a little bit of ab work

10 crunches (start counting when it starts to hurt)
10 side crunches on both sides (" ")
10 crunches with legs raised (" ")
20 plank knees to elbows (" ")
20 supermans with 5lb weights
plank hold (2 min 13 sec)

Just plankin it up like a boss

Yeah so, this happened after coming home from the grocery store...

At least it wasn't the real eggs right?!

Never a dull moment around here! #twinsarefun #ilovemycrazylife

Here's your Flex Friday Pic :)


Have a great weekend!


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