Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Weekend recap

Um, so yeah this happened...

Not gonna say I'm proud of it, but it was damn good! It was a unicorn weekend, something that so very rarely occurs it's basically mythical, so when it does come around, you just have to hold on and enjoy every single second of it cuz who knows when/if it will ever happen again. I'm talking about an entirely kid free weekend! With the kids away, the mommy and daddy will play!

We basically treated this weekend with reckless abandon, shoveling fat laden food and booze into our pie holes without thinking twice about it. We did manage to get in some great live music... caught this guy at a rooftop bar downtown, and then this amazing acoustic solo performance of Citizen Cope <3 So cool!
So yeah... this pretty much sums it up


I came to a couple conclusions after this wknd of debauchery:
1) if you're going to eat Mexican food, you better make damn sure it's GOOD Mexican food - there is nothing I hate more than wasting a "cheat meal" on something that tastes like ass!
2) do not attempt to ride a see-saw in a dress...

3) plan a day of recovery before picking up your kids. In the moment, you can't wait to see your babies, but in a matter of 5 minutes you will be ready to pull your hair out without recuperation!
4) eating like sh!t will make you sh!t, so be prepared to become better acquainted with your bathroom while your body revolts against you for your poor food choices

Annnnnd scene. Deep breathes, back on the fitness/diet train today. How was your weekend?





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