Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Summertime, and the livin's easy...

Summertime is most definitely upon us here in 'ol Tejas! Holy smokes is it HOT! I'm talking 108 people! Despite the heat, the swamp butt and the massive boob sweat, I've have been killin' it with my half marathon training! Can I get a woot woot?!

So I officially started my training schedule on Monday with Strength training, a little BodyPump, pump, pump it up, pump that Texan spirit up! Sorry, I got transported back to my high school pep rally momentarily, but I'm back now.
I totes need this tank!
 I am doing Hal Higdon's Intermediate Half Training Program, which will end pretty much exactly when I am set to run the Louisiana Jazz Half.
Can I just tell you how stinkin' excited I am about going back to NOLA! Mmmm Cajun food, Abita beer, jazz music, people watching... ahh love it - CANNOT wait! Maybe LSU will be playing while we're there - Geaux Tigers! I'm not a fan, I just like to spell geaux like that ;) I am planning to add in some lifting to the mix (maybe 2-3 days a week including a BodyPump class), some core work, and maybe some cycling (either a class or a ride on the trail once a week). I'll be splitting my runs up between speed intervals, hills, easy runs, pace runs, and tempo runs. I REALLY want to run a sub 2 at the Jazz Half!

Eating has been going really well too! I feel like I am finally find a good balance between eating clean, low carb, dairy free, and grain free. It ain't easy, but it sure seems to be making a huge difference in my overall health! Of course, I'm not perfect, I'm just do the best I can, and aim to get better. Imperfect Progress, that's what it's all about my friends! My go to breakfasts are scrambled green eggs (spinach), all natural bacon or turkey sausage, fruit and a cup of coffee or green tea. My lunch is usually a turkey wrap with veggies and fruit or leftovers, and I find most of my dinners on Pinterest and the Peace Love Low Carb blog. I also will have a protein smoothie after a hard workout or run. I use Jay Robb Chocolate Egg White Protein, spinach, half a banana, chia seeds and ice and it's yum-o! Oh and these little guys are my new favorite obsession!
Ohhhhemmmmgeee, so good! I wish I a) knew how to make them at home and b) had the time to make them at home! They are great snack for when you're out and about and can't make a smoothie or whatever.

Anyhoo - I am just feeling fan-flippin' tastic lately! I will admit that it is a bit overwhelming to remember to take all these darn pills, but oh so worth it! By the way - I totally got my haircut... it's really short... what do you think? Now I just have to wait a few weeks to correct the color (um yeah, that can be a whole post in and of itself, let's just say, this is not what it was supposed to look like).
Sorry - this is the only pic I have

Here are some pics from our 4th of July weekend festivities, hope you all had a wonderful holiday!
Double rainbow "What does it mean?!"
(watch it, seriously, you can thank me later)

Neighborhood 4th of July Pool Party

Mmmm Ice cream!

Sunset before the big 3rd of July fireworks show

It's about to start!

Just chillaxin' waiting for the parade to start

Here it comes!


Family pic!

Tempting, but no, we did not eat the GIANT donut at Round Rock Donuts!

We could not peel this kid away from these fountains!

Look at my poodle mom!

Mere moments after this photo was taken, she tripped and her flower balloon popped
and an epic meltdown ensued. Fun times.

Cheeto coma on the way to Mimi and Poppy's

Face painting!

My little flower child


What 4th of July weekend would complete without watermelon with friends?!


  1. absolutely freezing with Winter here at the moment, can't feel my fingers or toes!! Well done on your training and your eating! I think I put on 10lb just by looking at that donut photo :P well done x Kate Mc from MLFC

  2. You look GREAT! And I'm so glad you're feeling great too! Your kids are gorgeous :)

  3. Keep us updated on the hot weather half training! I'm starting my program in a week (ish) and the more I see others out there kicking butt, the harder it will be for me to think of excuses!!! Great post!