Wednesday, August 14, 2013

One step closer...

to my goal of a sub 2 half! I did my 8 mile run Saturday morning and had a personal best - holla! I was pretty stinkin' pumped about it too! I decided to run on the dreadmill, since I almost melted just walking outside Saturday morning and really didn't want a repeat of last weekend's 7 mile run! So off to the gym I went. I set the 'mill to a 1 incline to try and simulate the kind of resistance you get from running outside (even though I know it's still not the same). I was an idiot and just pushed the quick start, not thinking that the stupid treadmill would stop after an hour - my bad. so I ran the first 6.39 miles in 63 minutes, then had to fiddle around with the buttons and make it start again - so frustrating to have to stop suddenly right in the middle of a good groove! Anyhoo - I finished out the last 1.61 miles in 15:28 minutes. I had to wait 'til I got home to plug it into the daily mile site to figure out what my avg pace was - and was soooooo excited to see this...

Woot Woot! PR Baby! If I can keep this up, I may just be able to reach my goal of a sub 2 hour half in October! We shall see :)  I will tell you though, I sure miss running outside. There's just something so cathartic about it that you just don't get running on a treadmill.

Dear God,

Can summer please be over now?


You Daughter,


Anyway, in other news... I totally made Emma a new dress up storage thingamajig. Here was the Pinspiration...

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Here is the before and after...

 I wanted to do wallpaper or contact paper on the inside, but quickly realized how expensive both of those options were, so I opted to just buy a $3 stencil from Hobby Lobby with my 40% of coupon (yeah, yeah, I'm cheap) and bam, there ya go, the same look, but a lot less! Here's the deets:

-Cheap wooden dresser found on craigslist for $15
-Sandpaper (we already had) and an awesome hubs to sand it down for you ;)
-Piece of wood for a shelf above the bottom drawer (J bought it for like $6)
-primer (this was a little expensive at close to $9 for a quart)
-paint (we cashed in on a free quart of paint from Ace a few weeks ago - score!)
-second paint color (we bought a sample/quart of paint from Sherwin Williams on sale 40% off)
-Stencil from Hobby Lobby $1.60 with 40% off coupon
-paint brushes/rollers (we already had these)

So yeah, it was really cheap and really easy to do! We just took out the first 3 drawers and their hardware, sanded it down, reinforced it a little more with additional screws to make it sturdier, primered it, pained it, stenciled it, and put the drawer pull back on. Pretty simple. Oh, I  also had some gold glittery spray paint and decided to spray the inside of the drawer. You can't really tell in the pic, but it is all kinds of glittery! I still need to accessorize the top it, add some jewelry hooks on the side and her mirror, but whatevs, it's done. And the best part... Emma loves it :) Of course now Max wants to know where his "dress up" is... #storyofmylife

Oh yeah, one more thing... I received yet another sign... I called to wish my mom a happy birthday the other day, and wouldn't you know that she informed me that she had just found out that "someone we both know" is about 2 months pregnant and about to start her senior year of high school. Hmmm. Interesting turn of events. I'll keep ya posted.

Hope you all have a fabulous Hump Day!


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