Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Ebbs & Flows

So... after my awesome 8 miles run last weekend, I hit up some BodyPump Monday morning, and then... I didn't do a damn thing... for the rest of the week. Yeah. Not real proud of myself, and I could feed you all kind of excuses about the whirlwind of symptoms flaring up from my Hashimoto's (depression, moodiness, headaches, stomach aches, etc), but truth be told, I should have just powered through. I will never understand this stupid, stupid disease!
Uggg - I hate it I tell ya! I have to wonder if the flare ups showed up because my eating hasn't exactly been stellar?? WAYYY too much gluten, and that sh!t does NOT like me! Sigh. It is what it is. And it's done, so no use dwelling on it, right?! Right.
So, after a 4 day hiatus, I rejoined the running community for my scheduled 10K Saturday morning. I went in the morning-ish, but it was already warming up, but I knew I had to just...
I powered through and did my 6.2 miles at 10:30 mile/min pace. Not gonna cut it! I know it was hot and humid and that def adds to your pace, but I need to be pullin' out a full minute faster on these runs if I'm going to reach that sub 2 half goal! You know what I'm sayin?! So, the moral of the story... don't take a 4 day hiatus when training.


So, a few things have changed... I have decided to switch my half from the Jazz Half (not real happy about it, but with airfare as high as it is, it's just not a good financial decision for us right now, major womp womp!) and instead, I am going to run the San Antonio Rock 'n' Roll Half on November 17th. At least it will still have music, right?! Unfortunately, there is no Central Grocery or Cafe Du Monde or Cameillia Grill (can we just take a moment of silence to mourn?)... but there is the Riverwalk, so I guess we'll have to make do. Who knows, maybe Southwest will run some kind of crazy sale between now and October 12th and I'll run both, but for now, The Jazz Half is out :(  I have also decided to run the Austin Marathon in exactly 178 - whoa - on February 16th.

This week, I have managed to stay on track so far, so that's good. I did BodyPump on Monday, and ran 4.5 miles outside yesterday while the kids napped. It was hot as balls, and my pace sucked, but I need to force myself to run outside. Doing my runs on the treadmill aren't doing me any favors, even at a 1 incline. Like my dad would always say, "Do it right, or don't do it all" - of course, right always meant his way. #daddyissuesmuch? Ha!
In other news... My baby girl got her first haircut over the weekend. It was very emotional. If it were up to me, she would have just gotten a trim and I would never (ok maybe not never) cut her hair. But alas, she has been bothering me for WEEKS to cut her hair, so that it can be short like mommy's (so sweet), so how could I tell her no?!
I have to admit, it looks pretty darn cute! And this is how cheap I am... they asked if I wanted the "Deluxe First Haircut Package": read $10 for a baggie of hair and a certificate (which we did do for Max) and I said no, and when it was finished, I totally picked up all her hair off the floor and shoved it in a little paper cup until we got home.
Now that it's in a little baggie, it sure doesn't look like much :(

Once again #momoftheyear Whatevs.

I am 100% on to planning their 3rd birthday. Which, by the way, can we just stop for a second.. 3! When the hell did that happen?! This, this right here...
so ridiculously true

Anyhoo... they will be having a Choo Choo's and TuTu's party, and I am by far WAY more excited about it than they are! You can check out my Pinterest board for all of the awesome ideas that I have found that I intend to bring to life. So pumped! In the meantime, the countdown to their 1st day of MDO is ON. T minus 13 days. Just Breath. If I can get through these next 2 weeks, I KNOW I can get through anything, including a marathon.

Happy Hump Day y'all!

Yup - still cracks me up!


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  1. Woohoo!! On SA RocknRoll and/or Austin! (Says the girl who grew up in SA and now lives in Austin)
    Not that I can even consider a half goal is a 10K by the end of the year.

    She looks so excited about being like 'mama' too!