Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Holy Hills!

The sky has been threatening to rain all day, but luckily it held out long enough for me to get a good hilly run in. Actually it was one great big hill that I ran up and down like 5 times - whew! That was hard! (that's what she said)


Ran outside 3 miles
10:18 avg min/mi

Tabata Tuesday (20/10/4 rest 1 min between each set)

Push Ups
Mountain Climbers

Jump Squats
Jump Lunges

Walking Plank
Plank w/ alternating knee drives

Jumping Jacks

Tricep Dips
Bicycle Crunches

And after all that, I was one sweaty, stinky beast

Oh, so I have to update you on last night's dinner... AMAZING! This one is def going in the rotation - which is a good thing since I split the recipe and have another in the freezer! Seriously, so GOOD, you must try it! Big props to Steph over at Lick My Spoon for yet another awesome recipe!

Tonight is taco Tuesday, and although the fat girl inside me would LOVE to hit up some Rosa's and shove my pie hole full of chips, queso, and yummy tacos... lettuce wrap tacos will have to do.

On a completely different note - if anyone has any good potty training tips, I would LOVE to hear them! #ihatepoop #tiredofpayingfordiaperstimestwo
ya feel me?!



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