Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap & The 10K That Wasn't

After a very emotional week last week pouring my heart out in my infertility story, it sure is nice to get back to daily grind. I did really well all week with my workouts, I tweak it a little but was still able to get in some good workouts and runs before getting sick on Saturday, womp womp.

Monday - Insanity Cardio Power & Resistance
Tuesday - Pure Cardio and Ran 3 miles (all hills)
Wednesday - Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Thursday - Cardio Recovery and Ran 4 miles
Friday - Cardio Power & Resistance
Saturday - Ran 2 miles (nauseous the WHOLE time - and it was all down hill from there)
Sunday - I was supposed to run the Schlotzky's 10K Bun Run, but it just didn't happen :(

Feel the burn!

Today, I am almost human again. Not sure what the deal was? I was the only one who got sick, whatever it was. So, I'm going to take another rest day today just to be sure that my body is nice and recovered. It just kinda sucks because I haven't really been able to use the cool new toy the hubs got me yesterday(so I could use it on my 10K on Sunday, how sweet is that?!)...

Garmin Forerunner 210

Or this awesome shirt that I had planned to wear in the race :( I was thinking about cutting it into a running tank - seems a propos.

I feel I should explain that I live in Austin, TX
So, here's what's on tap this week as far as workouts go (starting week 3 of Insanity):

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - Insanity & run hills
Wednesday - Insanity & run speed
Thursday - Insanity & run tempo/pace
Friday - Insanity & date night Holla!
Saturday - Insanity & run endurance
Sunday - rest

We bought this awesome blender yesterday.

Ninja™ Professional Blender with Single Serve Blending Cups

I know! I'm like "honey? did we win the lotto or something? How do we all the sudden have iphone money?" Uh, we didn't. He insists that we already "bought" the blender when we bought the juicer (that was such an epic fail that it needs it's own post), and then returned the juicer (I know, we're horrible people, relax it's not a shelf near you, we told them it wasn't working right), so in fact, using his theory, we made money on the deal. mmmkay. How is it that we never make money on any deals involving clothes from Kiki La Rue or Ruffles with Love, or hell, even Target?! Anyhoo, I digress. So the hubs has been whippin up some pretty freakin good green monsters lately, and bonus... the kids are loving them too! I've been having them for breakfast, although mine are with considerably less fruit than J and the kids' (good 'ol Met B). I've also been using the Ninja to make my protein shakes and have been adding in some spinach, and whaddayaknow, you can't taste it at all - SCORE! Jason says he's going to keep adding fruits and veggies in there until it stops tasting good - he's like a kid in a candy store at the grocery store now!

I'm going to try to post some more recipes this week too, so be on the look out for those. And if you haven't already done so, you've gotta hit up my girl Leigh Ann's blog over at Elle Noel - girlfriend has got the jams to get your earbuds rockin during those workouts yall! Seriously, I don't know what I would do without her boss lady jams!

I hope you all have an awesome last week of April!


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