Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekend Re-cap & weigh in

Whew, what a weekend! Thursday night we loaded up the car and headed up to Dallas for the weekend to visit family and friends. We went NONSTOP all weekend - and today I am beyond exhausted! I was soooooo not kind to my body and made ALOT of poor food choices. We stayed with the brother in law (who is a recent college graduate) and this is what he had on hand in his tiny ass dorm fridge:

Umm, so yeah... we ate out... a lot. I have never felt so gross and lethargic and irritable. I'm sure sleeping on an air mattress for 3 nights didn't help either.

So, in the midst of writing this post yesterday, I got a text from the hubs telling me to turn on the news. I'm still so shocked and heartbroken for my fellow runners, their families and spectators. It's so unbelievably tragic. I've lost the focus and motivation to finish this post. Just know that the number on the scale Monday morning was NOT good (135lb).

Weekly Goals

Monday - Insanity
Tuesday - Insanity & 3 mile run (speed training)
Wednesday - Insanity & 3 mile run (hills)
Thursday - Insanity & 4 mile run (pace/tempo)
Friday - Insanity (date night, holla!)
Saturday - Insanity & 8 mile run
Sunday - rest day

So as you can see, I am restarting Insanity... again! I did this last year and saw amazing results and attempted to start it again a few weeks ago but didn't really follow through with it. But, with swimsuit weather quickly approaching, I have got to get my ass in gear!

I am also ordering the 10 day Advocare cleanse today - I'll letcha know when I officially start it.

Now, I'm off to go run off some of this sadness and helplessness - it's the only thing I know to do :(



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